Barbara Schneider-Gegenschatz
Atelier Malbar



My name is Barbara Schneider-Gegenschatz and I was born 1965 in Richterswil. A Part of my childhood I spent in the frenchspeaking part of Switzerland. Today I am living in Pfaeffikon SZ, below «Luegeten» and I work in my in-house studio.


A long time ago I selfdiscovered painting and creativity. I tought myself how to work as an artist. During two years of regular attending courses, I definetely found my own «signature». From 2005 until 2007 I did a study of arts, called apARTe in Zumikon.


As an artist I do use a wide spectrum of materials and painting techniques among my work; I work with acrylic paints and pigments. I mostly use soil (from various regions of the world), coal and ash (out of the own tiled stove), rusty metal pieces, or other gifts of nature, which find its way to me, during long walks and journeys. I work on wood in order to work in the elementary materials.


As a contemporary artist I paint pictures with abstract contents. In my creations, philosophies and world views reflect in many small symbols, which partially recall old cultures and religions. These are stories of archaic depth, of visible and invisible things, which show in a mysterious manner the laws of nature. With all the different writings and signs I use, I enable the vibrations to get visible, which one can feel around ourselves in daily life.


My formula of art is called: «I work with the earth and communicate with heaven».
 It is substantially important to me, that the four elements, fire, water, air and soil are united in my works, so that the circle is completed.